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4-H Youth Development Program: Million Trees Project



4HMT has been working in Uganda for several years, and has now planted over 100,000 trees there. Youth at schools near Mukono, Uganda are working hard to grow a variety of trees from seed, which will be planted in the community, primarily in agroforestry. This work started with planting 10,000 trees at Kayenje School in association with Trees for the Future, and continued with the a project to plant 35,000 trees with the NGO Beacon of Hope Uganda (BoHU). In fact, BoHU has now planted over 50,000 trees as part of its Kids Go Green project, and has plans to plant another 50,000 by Spring, 2016.

One of the 4HMT youth executive board members wrote a grant proposal to Youth Service America, and obtained matching funding from Trees for the Future to allow the Kayenje project to happen. tentree international, the Canadian organic clothing company that plants ten trees for every item sold, supported the BoHU tree nursery project. Suubi Community Projects Uganda is a NGO that promotes self-help projects, also in the Mukono Region. They have helped create the Tree Corps, a group of people who believe that planting trees can be a sustainable business, and they are having success. They both sell seedlings to raise enough funding to keep the project going, and give away trees in community service. Uganda is also a very poor country, and the food and other products from these trees are a sustainable resource that can help the subsistence farmers improve their family incomes.

Below is a picture showing the work being done by the UGANDA-4HMT Project.