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4-H Youth Development Program: Million Trees Project



4HMT has teamed up with tentree international, the Canadian organic apparel company, to fund tree nurseries at schools near Lilongwe, Malawi. The project is a success with over 72,000 trees planted by 4-H youth. 4HMT-MALAWI is working on a project that hopes to plant 500,000 additional trees by the end of 2016. To advance the project further, the 4HMT Teen Leader has selflessly directed a $1,000 award he received personally, to start tree nursery project at an additional 4 schools and plant an additional 10,000 trees.

Teachers teach the students from the Trees for the 21st Century curriculum provided by the National Wildlife Federation, which is an excellent age-appropriate tool to help the youth learn about trees, habitat, biodiversity, and climate change. The students use the tree nurseries as on-site science labs, and use the project to learn the scientific method, test hypotheses through experimentation, and present the results to their peers.

Malawi is an extremely poor country, and many of the students are orphans whose parents are victims of HIV/AIDS. The forest canopy has been drastically diminished to provide charcoal for cook fires. It is critical that the trees planted and cared for by 4HMT-MALAWI youth are allowed to grow to maturity, and produce fruit, provide oil from seeds, and nutrition from the leaves. In other words, the trees planted by the Malawi youth will become a sustainable resource to help the people in this impoverished nation.

4HMT-MALAWI is in need of funding to realize plans to plant 500,000 trees by 2016. This project has many benefits, and it needs to be done. 4HMT is currently seeking about US$45,000, which would allow this work to happen. Please contact us to discuss contributions that would provide full or partial funding.

Below is a picture showing the work being done by the MALAWI-4HMT Project.