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4-H Youth Development Program: Million Trees Project

4HMT-KENYA Project


In August of 2011, the 4HMT youth executive board decided to fund youth-based development of tree nurseries in Kenya. A simple initial grant to an organization working in Kenya has evolved into a set of thriving relationships across Kenyan and US organizations, and the villages that benefit from the trees. In only 9 months, ten villages had over 100,000 newly planted trees. Currently over 371,000 trees have been planted as part of 4HMTM-KENYA.

This program has been so successful that the Agroforestry and environmental educational component of the 4HMT service learning model is currently being considered for use countrywide by the Kenya Ministry of Education. To date, the 4-H Million Trees Project has been nimble, inclusive, flexible and respectful of the culture of its counterparts across the globe. It appears that these attributes have been factors in the success in Kenya.

There are many more opportunities for Kenyan youth to follow in the footsteps of Wangari Maathai, and plant trees to renew their forests, however funding is again a major impediment. Please contact 4HMT to discuss ways to raise funding to expand this project.

Below is a video showing the work being done by the KENYA-4HMT Project.